Duplex Small House 1000 squire fit

Small Duplex house for village

Duplex Small House 1000 squire fit

Details for One Story.....

25 x 40  BD Modern House Plan || Design No:- 163

25 X 40 House Plan Key Features: -

This house is a  residential plan comprised of a Modular kitchen, 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, and Living space.


Plot Area – 1000 square feet

Total Built Area – 1000 square feet

Width – 25 feet

Length – 40 feet

Cost – Low

Ground Floor

In this House Have Bedrooms – 3 (with Cupboards, Study and Dressing)

In this House Have  Bathrooms – 3 (2 Attach &1 common)

In this House Have Kitchen – Modular kitchen

In this House Have  Stairs – U-shaped staircase (Inside)

This article below gives the details of the 25 x 40  house plan.

Bedrooms Details: - -
A bedroom is a room situated within a residential or accommodation unit characterized by its usage for sleeping. In many ways, the bedroom is the most important space in the house. For Salvatore, the bedroom is a space that calls for sensitive manipulation of light and tone. A typical western bedroom contains as bedroom furniture one or two beds, a clothes closet, and bedside table and dressing table

Bedroom 1: - 
· 11-'9" x 13'-8" 
· Queen-sized Bed (5’x7’)
· Almira (Storage for clothes)
· Dressing
· TV (if you needed)
Bedroom 2: - 
· 11'-5" x 13’-5”
· Queen-sized Bed (5’x6’)
· Almira (Storage for clothes)
· Dressing
· TV (if you needed)
Bedroom 3- 
· 11' x 11'
· Queen-sized Bed
· Almira (Storage for clothes)
· Dressing
· TV (if needed)

Bathrooms: - 
A bathroom or washroom is one kind of room, normally in a home or residential building that contains either a bathtub or a shower. Common toilet is also very most important in any building or house.  

* Common Bathroom: -
· 5'0" x 6’-2”
· Washbasin
· Shower and Toilet
· Ventilation
· Ventilation
* Attach Bathroom 2: -
· 6' x 4'-5”
· Washbasin
· Toilet
· Shower
· Ventilation
The Kitchen: -
When designing a new home, it is very important to first determine the location of the kitchen, on the basis of Vaastu, the southeast is the first option for the kitchen and the northwest is the second option. 

  • 8"-8” x 7'-0”
    · Big window
    · The Lower cabinet
    · The Upper cabinet
    · Big Fridge
    · Also 4 burner stove with chimney
    · Sink
    Stair: - 
    Stairs is a structure designed for move-up direction or lower direction, when making design  remember  should always rotate in the clockwise direction of the clock,.

U-shaped Stair (Inside)
15'6" x 7'-6”
Now we will see approximate details estimate of 25 by 40 house plan.

Now we are looking into the subparts of the above approx. material cost.
CEMENT cost is about BD.1,40,000/-(approx.)

SAND cost is about BD.66,000/- (approx.)

AGGRAGATE cost is about BD.105,000/- (approx.)

STEEL cost is about BD.3,15,000/- (approx.)

BRICKS cost is about BD.1,83,000/- (approx.)

TILES cost is about BD.96,000/- (approx.)

PLUMBING cost is about BD.57,000/- (approx.)

ELECTRICAL cost is about BD.47,000/- (approx.)

SANITARY cost is about BF.27,500/- (approx.)

DOOR & WINDOWS cost is about BD.87,000/- (approx.)

PAINTING cost is about BD.45,500/- (approx.)

EXTRA WORK FOR SEFTY cost is about BD.50,000/- (approx.)

The LABOUR CHARGE which is of total expenditure, about BD.260000/-

The ENGINEER CHARGE which is 65% of total expenditure, is about BD.20000/-

Total Amount =1496000 Taka

Approx. Estimate: - 15 lakhs 

This estimate is approximate because your estimate depends on the Location base and Quality of building materials.

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